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The interdisciplinary Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGSS) Program studies literature, histories and cultures through the lens of contemporary feminist theory and practice. Working closely with faculty, students build expertise in research methods from which to examine the diversity of the human experience and analyze contemporary social justice issues.

In addition to rigorous classroom study, students have access to the program's extensive Washington, D.C. networking connections and can take advantage of internship opportunities at some of the country’s most prestigious civil rights, public policy and feminist organizations in the world.



Programs of Study


"One course had a particularly strong impact on my life: Women in and Beyond the Global Prison. Professor Moshenberg brought in several speakers, from the previously incarcerated to those who work in jails. This course made me seriously consider being a physician or social worker
at a prison."

Natasha Dupee

BA '12



Undergraduates Around the World 

Members of Rape Crisis of Cape Town Trust

Students Help Sexual Violence Survivors in Cape Town

Undergraduate students Ariella Neckritz (BA ’16) and Shakti Naidoo (BA ’15) interned at the Rape Crisis center while studying abroad in Cape Town. During the internship, the students held discussion-based seminars with local teens about rape and gender equality and learned to develop effective support models for survivors. The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity was made possible by a WGSS Program partnership with the crisis center.