Graduate Certificate

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Are you passionate about social justice? Do you enjoy critical thinking using a feminist perspective? Do you want a chance to better understand and integrate knowledge about women, gender, and sexuality in intersectional ways? Our graduate certificate students typically travel the following paths:

  1. They are mid-career professionals who want to deepen their feminist knowledge and apply it to specific sectors (such as science and technology, political advocacy, humanitarian work, or financial investment).
  2. They are graduate students in other GW departments who want to complement their ongoing training with feminist theory and research methods, which can also enhance their job options.
  3. They are students or professionals with an interest in the field of WGSS who do not have the time to devote to a two-year degree, and wish to take classes in a flexible way.

Students enrolled in master’s and PhD programs at GW and qualified non-degree students who hold at least a bachelor's degree may apply. The program may be completed in one year or two. Through a challenging, 12-credit-hour program of study, students think and learn about gender in a systematic and integrated way using a variety of methodological approaches.

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Course Requirements

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 12 credits, including 6 credits in required courses and 6 credits in elective courses.
WGSS 6220Fundamentals of Feminist Theory
WGSS 6221Research Issues in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
6 credits in elective courses selected from graduate-level Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGSS) courses and/or courses from other departments in consultation with the advisor.