Micro-Minor in Immigration & Migration Studies

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The Immigration and Migration Studies Micro-Minor bridges courses in the humanities and social sciences to provide students an in-depth understanding of modern migration. The issues surrounding global migration cross many intellectual boundaries, and course material draws on other Columbian College departments including Geography, History, American Studies, English and more.

After completing the micro-minor, students will understand global migration from an interdisciplinary perspective and be able to explain the effects and key issues of modern-day migration.


How to Apply

Students interested in registering for the micro-minor should contact Associate Professor Manuel Cuellar and complete a Declaration of Major/Minor/Micro-Minor form. Students in the micro-minor should declare by the first semester of their senior year so that they can be included in the spring semester symposium. Contact Professor Cuellar with any questions.


Curriculum Details


Course Requirements

Students choose one class from three areas that span conceptual, historical and cultural knowledge:

  • Approaches to immigration and global migration
  • Migration and immigration cultures
  • U.S. immigration experiences and narratives

Detailed Course Requirements


Academic Outcomes

Learn Causes of Migration: Students will acquire a comparative and theoretical understanding of the social, environmental, cultural, historical and political dimensions of various types of migration.

Conceptualize Migration: Students will practice using different methodologies to conceptualize migration and mobility, from everyday practices to regional systems to global networks and flows.

Recognize Issues of Migration: Students will be able to recognize debates around migration and mobility as it relates to governance, sovereignty, citizenship, borders and social justice.



    Senior Symposium


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    Each spring, senior students in the micro-minor will present on a research paper they wrote or make a creative research presentation on immigration and migration studies.

    Faculty in the micro-minor and area experts will serve as moderators and respondents at the symposium. All the other students in the micro-minor will be invited to participate and attend. The symposium offers students experience doing research presentations that analyze pressing issues in immigration and world migration, and that propose bold solutions spanning culture, policy and practice.


    Course Requirements

    The following requirements must be fulfilled: 9 credits, with one 3-credit course taken from each of three groups.
    One course (3 credits) selected from each of the following groups:
    Group A: Approaches to immigration and global migration
    AMST 2410WModern U.S. Immigration
    or HIST 2410W Modern U.S. Immigration
    GEOG 2127Population Geography
    SOC 2174Sociology of Immigration
    Group B: Migration and immigration cultures
    ENGL 2711Postcolonialism and Migration in Global Anglophone Literature and Film
    ENGL 3730Topics in Global Postcolonial Literature and Film
    or WGSS 3730 Topics in Global Postcolonial Literature and Film
    Group C: U.S. immigration experiences and narratives
    AMST 2750Latinos in the United States
    ENGL 2100Introduction to Asian American Studies through Literature
    HIST 2305Majors' Introductory Seminar: United States (in topic Africans in America)
    or HIST 2305W Majors’ Introductory Seminar: United States
    SPAN 4420Global Migrations in the Spanish-Speaking World