Dr. Cynthia Deitch

Cynthia Deitch

Dr. Cynthia Deitch

Associate Professor Emerita of WGSS

Core Faculty


Office Phone: (202) 994-7438
801 22nd St. NW Washington DC 20052

Cynthia Deitch is Associate Professor Emerita of WGSS, of Sociology and of Public Policy and Public Administration and former Director of Graduate Studies for the MA in Public Policy-WGSS.

Gender and Work

Gender and Employment Policy

Cynthia Deitch received a Community Based Participatory Research grant for 2014-2015 from the GW Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service for research collaboration with the D.C. Center for Employment Justice for a research project related to the D.C. paid sick leave law.

WSGG 6221 Research Issues in Women’s Studies

WSGG 6283 Practicum in Women’s Studies

WSGG 6240 Women and Public Policy

WSGG/SOC 6268   Race, Class, Gender

WSGG 1000 Deans’ seminar, “Policy, Gender, and Inequality”

“Sexual Harassment of Low Wage Immigrant Workers in the United States: Lessons from EEOC Lawsuits” (2015).

"Sexual Harassment in Education and Work Settings: Current Research and Best Practices for Prevention". New York: Praeger-In Michele Paludi, Jennifer Martin, James Gruber, Susan Fineran (eds.) .