Careers in Academe

Tue, 15 November, 2022 6:00pm - 7:15pm
Group attendance of Careers in Academe event in a classroom

Dr. Cricket Keating, MA ’93, University of Washington-Seattle; Dr. Heather Berg MA ’11, Washington University; Dr. Emerald Christopher-Bryd, MA ’07, CERT ‘10, University of Delaware; and Dr. Melinda Chateauvert, MA ’86, Front Porch Strategies joined the WGSS community on November 15th to speak to students and faculty about what they teach and the topics they write about, such as, sex and politics, transnational feminist theory, and race and rights. Alums shared what inspired them to embark on a career in academia, tips for students currently in the WGSS program, and things that they wished they had known at the end of their WGSS MA experience. 

If you missed this event, check out the recording (passcode: ^ncV3#t7).


Open to everyone.

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