Academic/PhD Paths: Recent Alum Experiences

Wed, 28 September, 2022 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Flyer with event description of alum event

Thank you for joining us on September 26th to hear from distinguished recent WGSS alums who have, in the past few years, entered doctoral programs or are teaching in WGSS-relevant fields. This event featured:

  • Sarah Anne-Gresham (MA'20), PhD student at Rutgers University
  • Walker Brewer (MA'21), PhD student at Northwester University
  • Tatiana Ruiz (MA'21), PhD student at The George Washington University
  • Ashley Atilano (BA'19), English Teacher in California 

Panelists shared what inspired them to pursue a PhD degree (e.g., having questions related to intersectionality, wanting to ground themselves theoretically, and wanting to work out political ideas and thinking critically about how someone applies academics creatively).  Atilano shared that she wanted to create curriculums that are more diverse and remarked that she considers herself a feminist educator. Panelists also addressed how the WGSS degree has prepared them for their academic paths.

Open to everyone.

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