Feminist Internet Resources

Political Issues

  • 50+1 is a grass roots organization specialized in training women to seek public office. 
  • The League of Women Voters is a multi-issue organization whose mission is to encourage the informed and active participation of citizens in government and to influence public policy through education and advocacy. 
  • National Organization For Women (NOW),has its own webpage with lots of information about the organization, as well as other links. 

Policy Issues and Research on women's issues

Resource Links 

Links for African American Resources

Links for Gay and Lesbian Resources 

Women's health issues 

International Issues

  • Art for Humanity is a South African human rights arts project that includes the National “Women for Children” billboard campaign and the “Break the Silence HIV/AIDS Awareness Project”.
  • Equality Now is an international human rights organization, dedicated to action for the civil, political, economic and social rights of girls and women.
  • The FGM Research Homepage is a comprehensive site for any information you might need regarding FGM. 
  • The Global Fund for Women is an international organization which focuses on female human rights 
  • International Women's Health Coalition
  • The International Gender and Trade Network (IGTN) is a network of feminist gender specialists who provide technical information on gender and trade issues to women's groups, NGOs, social movements, governments, and academic institutions. IGTN also acts as a political catalyst to enlarge the space for a critical feminist perspective and global action on gender, trade, and globalization issues. The IGTN is a Southern-led network that builds South/North cooperation with the aim of developing more just and democratic trade policies from a critical feminist perspective. IGTN is currently organized in eight regions: Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Central Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America, and the Pacific. 
    Badjens.Com is an English-language feminist online magazine mainly addressing readers outside Iran. Its goal is to improve links between activists and academics inside and outside the country.
  • PeaceWomen.org is a project of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) United Nations Office, in New York City. The PeaceWomen Project monitors and works toward rapid and full implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 on women, peace and security.
  • The Treatment Action Campaign of South Africa has initiated an End Violence Against Women Campaign.
  • The United Nations has an official site for all its reports, including a sight regarding The United Nations fourth World Conference on Women. This site reports on the conference with links to other U.N. information on the status of women worldwide 
  • The Women's International Center is a non-profit and service foundation 
  • The World March of Women is an international feminist action network connecting about 6000 grass-roots groups in 163 countries and territories working to eliminate poverty and violence against women. You'll find here our founding documents.

Feminist Links

  • The Feminist Majority has a homepage of news, links, publications and reports, all feminist/activist-oriented.
  • The Choices Campus Community A new interactive web site by the The Feminist Majority Foundation's (FMF) Campus Leadership Program.  Designed specifically to promote leadership among young feminists, the Choices Campus Community uses cutting-edge technology to connect feminist student leaders, supportive faculty and community members throughout the US and the world.
  • Women Leaders Online has a purpose of mobilizing women on the Internet. Links to many different types of articles. 
  • The National Women's Studies Association offers information on their organization and upcoming NWSA conferences.
  • National Council for Research on Women has a mission is to enhance the connections among research, policy analysis, advocacy, and innovative programming on behalf of women and girls.

Women's History

  • Irene Stuber's Women of Achievement page is in progress and will soon be an encyclopedia of historical information on women. 
  • National Women's History Project page. Contains many links and lots of useful information.
  • The CWLU Herstory is a large and growing site devoted to recording the history of the Chicago Women's Liberation Union (1969-1977) as well as archiving general documents from the second wave of feminism
  • Purdue Global has published a resource titled History of Women in IT: 6 Female Pioneers in Computer Sciences which provides insights into how women have played a large role in the STEM field. Highlighted is the notable and successful women that have been a pivotal part of the computer science industry, from the first computer program to advancing human space exploration. Also reviewed in the resource are statistics about the current state of women in technology and how the field continues to diversify.

     Women in Education and other Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Programs 

Women in the Workplace 

  • Insider Views on Workplace Issues provides firsthand insights about issues affecting women who work in traditionally male-dominated business settings. Join those who have been in the trenches and become more informed about the experiences of working women. 
  • Women in business at Digital Women was created for women looking for a place to gather resources, free business tips and a place to network with other business women and women-owned businesses.
  • Advancing Women is a newsletter for women in the business world. 

Women in Science 

  • Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering is a page at MIT with information and sites on women in the sciences. 
  • WITI, or Women in Technology International is an international association that provides resources for women in science and technology fields.
  • TAP is a great homepage filled with discussion and articles about women in computing. 
  • [email protected] sponsors a homepage encouraging women to become interested in math-related fields. 
  • Women in the Engineering Industry lets a woman know everything she needs about going into either engineering or industry. 

Women's Journals and E-zines 

  • Advancing Women in Leadership, is the home page to the first women's scholarly journal the web. 
  • Women's Wire is a great online magazine for women and women's issues. 
  • WISER (Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement) blog.