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a group of gw students listening to panel guests and WGSS faculty (left to right: Kavita Daiya, Kate Black, Andrea Pagano-Reyes, Layla Moughari, Cynthia Dench)

The annual WGSS Alumni Speaker Series showcases the many accomplishments and diverse paths our alumni have taken through panel events open to the GW campus community. Watch the panel at the March 2019 event.

A strong background in analyzing and applying current gender and equity issues leads to a wide range of career opportunities, from public policy to nonprofit and government work. With unique connections to dozens of employers in the Washington, D.C., area, the Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGSS) Program opens doors.

Our graduates are employed at organizations like the Institute for Women's Policy Research, the Pew Research Center, the U.S. Agency for International Development, the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce, the MacArthur Justice Center and Planned Parenthood. Others go on to pursue advanced study in law, the humanities or the social sciences, while still others secure jobs in the government and private sectors.


Silvia Henriquez, MA '01

Silvia Henriquez

MA '01

"The program encourages students to get hands-on practical experience with D.C. nonprofits. I was able to network and meet professionals in the women's rights and advocacy sector."

WGSS Career Resources

left to right: Susan Markham, Silvia Henriquez, Chitra Panjabi

Presenters at the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program’s 2018 Alumni Speaker Series included (left to right) Susan Markham, MA ’94; Silvia Henriquez, MA ’01; and Chitra Panjabi, MA ’10.


As the country’s oldest and one of the most respected programs of its kind, WGSS brings graduates wide-ranging professional connections and opportunities. Between the professional practicum, internship experiences, our faculty and alumni networks, students can begin career planning while pursuing their degree.

Attending university and WGSS events is an effective way to network with peers in the field and learn about potential career paths. WGSS hosts a variety of programming for the campus community all year long, including alumnae speakers and the popular annual Yulee Lecture.

We provide current professional networking opportunities and you can subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media to stay up to date on information.



University Resources

Elliott School of International Affairs Gender Equality Initiative in International Affairs

This initiative convenes GW’s Elliott School curriculum and scholarly research to promote and achieve gender equality globally.

GW Global Women’s Institute (GWI)

GWI partners with national institutions, college campuses and community groups to gather data and design effective interventions to end violence against women. Several members of the WGSS faculty contribute to GWI.

Columbian College Graduate Career Services

The Center for Career Services offers programs and avenues to make professional connections, search and apply for jobs and keep up with current industry information.


"[Undergraduate WGSS students] Shakti and Ariella made huge contributions to keeping our doors open. Their [work] supported ideas like behavior-change communication strategies, tactics and campaigns that can help change public perceptions about rape, women and sex."

Kathleen Dey

Director of Rape Crisis
Cape Town, South Africa